Sunday, November 29, 2015

Multnomah Library sketches

Trying to keep the palette simple black, grey, and a little ochre for these sketches... and channeling Andrea (especially her recent sketches from Mt Scott).
I used Black and Kiowa Pecan Noodlers in my pens and then added Noodlers Lexington Grey that was loaded into a water brush for the shadows etc.

On this one I channeled Miguel Herranz' technique (via Vicky) by starting the sketch at a point that was most interesting to me and working from that outward. That little cornice detail on the large building on the right is where I started!

Thanks to Linda in organizing this fun outing!


  1. Your simple palette worked really well for you! I am amazed at how many sketches you got done, each one with its own interest and character. I think the first one and the last one are my favorites--the pecan ink is really nice with the grey...and the cornice is sooo cool. I love how it draws me into the sketch and then my eye travels around from there.

  2. Love them all! There are terrific compositions and the dark/light is great. (I think they did look even darker in person though.)

  3. I accomplished a lot Saturday morning!
    As always, I love your compositions and limited palette.