Sunday, October 25, 2015

recent sketches in Portland

I decided to add my  sketches from yesterday to this post of our recent sketchcrawl at Portland's PSU farmers market.

I hope you all notice that instead of ignoring the people I have actually drawn a few people groups...! All of those workshops may be paying off.

Yesterday turned out to be a rather lovely day to sketch (with Vicky, Janene, and John) and I was pleased to add to my collection of sketches of the construction in the Pearl/Fields area. 
As a bonus it was lovely to sit in Tanner Springs Park and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Deb, I especially like the drama you are showing with the cranes and construction. That was a very enjoyable sketch gathering, too. Thanks for organizing.

  2. Love those rusty browns, both the ink and watercolor. It just goes with the season!
    I am sorry I could not join in on this one.

  3. Thanks Linda and Vicky. I am liking the rusty browns currently on the trees but I don't believe I got it quite right........wanted the color in the sketches to be more brilliant like it really is!