Sunday, February 16, 2014

Historians and Historic Plumbing

Our visit to the Architectural History Center this weekend was fun, but as the baby gets more engaged with the world I think I'm going to have to plan on sketching faster and faster. Here are the few doodles I did pull off...
 The comfiest chairs for nursing were in the room where the local history authors were showing off their wares. Really interesting to listen to them chatting about everything from the politics of historic preservation to strategies for self-publishing.

 This young man was entertaining himself with the computer tablet while his mom rocked the history table.

Highlight of the beautiful exhibition on old-growth wood in local architecture: "The Nilus," a fabulous 19th-century toilet. The lid and seat are rich dark wood, and the base is white porcelain with very intricate floral patterns in black linework. The butterfly and arching sheaf of wheat are some details of the pattern on the exterior...but I didn't have time to record more of the details. (There was art on the inside of the bowl too!)

A snapshot of the group assembling to head out towards delicious Robo Taco. We had probably around 14 people out for the event? Good fun, nice to welcome a few new faces to the crowd as well.


  1. I especially like the boy with the tablet. You really captured his intense look. And I see that the naturalist in you noticed the plant and animal forms on the toilet!

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