Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Water Tower

 What is so special about water towers?  I don't know but I am glad that there was one outside the waiting room window...just waiting to be sketched. 


  1. I just love sketching water towers and go crazy taking pictures in NYC!
    I drove my husband nuts on our visit last year.
    You did a lovely job on this one. I like the muted palette. If water towers can be beautiful this one is.

    1. Thanks Linda! I had a limited palette of 3 colors with me and my water brush--had to be sneaky in the Dr's office waiting room!

  2. Janene, this is so lovely and captures the wintery scene so delicately. I love the trees (both evergreen and bare branched) that give it such a pleasing composition. Your botanical skills are showing through.

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