Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shiny Things at the ReBuilding Center

Lovely sketchcrawl today, great meeting some new sketchers as well as hanging out with old buddies.

The fabulous forest facade of the ReBuilding Center was just too daunting for me today, so I ended up exploring light and shadow on the rows and rows of salvaged hardware inside the building.

A shelf full of globe-shaped lampshades...

A single lighting fixture in an intermediate state of disassembly...

And sinks, sinks, sinks!

I managed to get myself into such a "shiny thing" mindset that I ended up sketching one of the metal handrails on the bus on the way home. Good times! Glad we got to explore that amazing treasure-trove of building materials.


  1. These are all so nice and fit so well into your theme. I especially like the glass globes because the of the composition and the repeating shape and reflections. They kind of reminded me of sweet Magpie's bubbles, too:)

  2. What fun to see all of the ordinary household items interpreted into interesting sketches--love the shiny theme! Sorry to have missed today but hope to make it next time.

  3. You have captured some really interesting artifacts. I like the way you have treated them on the toned paper.