Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Another great turnout today at the Chinese Garden.  Many of us sat on a sunny path over the water.  I think more than one of us sketched this particular bush.

Afterwards we met up for conversation and sharing drawings at Floyd's.  I enjoyed seeing drawings from sketch crawls past.  Memories....

The sketch below is from OMSI yesterday.  This view had a lot of lines in it, including the long line to get into the museum.  Instead of standing in it, I drew it.

What New Years resolutions do I want to have for drawing?  ????????   Here's a start:

1. Keep trying out new materials, including the water color pencils I got for Christmas.
2. Work on developing a good color palette.
3. Blog every week.

On that note, I just added some sketches from the holidays to my blog -


  1. I really like these, Andrea. I like how you add limited color to them, too. The OMSI one is amazing to look at with all those lines. You are a brave sketcher.
    I'm really looking forward to your weekly blogs.

  2. I admired these at the group share but they are even better on second look. Looking forward to more sketching together and seeing more posts on your blog!