Thursday, July 11, 2013

Greetings from Barcelona!

The first day workshops have just ended and I thought I'd post them.
My first workshop was with James Richards...'Life between buildings: Capturing the energy'
Challenging in Placa de Cataluya with the crowds...but that was the point. James says "put the people in first".

The second workshop was ' Negative forms as first structures and minimal storytelling' with Omar Jaramillo and Joao Catarino. Watercolor made even more challenging with some heavy rain!
A very fun exercise though.....

The setting was in Sant Felipe Neri.....the location of some atrocities attributed to Franco.


  1. Loving the look of watercolor on the toned paper! The negative space experiment with the raindrops has a really lovely texture to it, one of those happy accidents that would probably be super hard to do on purpose. Have fun! And thanks for posting!

  2. Deb, I didn't even know these were yours! We're being very experimental, aren't we? Really love the people. I'm amazing you stuck it out and did these whole sick!

  3. That isn't toned paper but a stained paper from all of e attempts to put down color that then just slid off because of all of the would think we were in Portland!
    Thanks Vicky.....yes, very experimental and fun!

  4. Wonderful Deb! It is so much fun to experience this through you and Vicky.
    Is Gregg there?
    We will have to have a de- briefing session when you all return and recover!

  5. Yes, a de briefing is absolutely necessary. I would so like to see everyone's stuff too!

  6. Deb, These are marvelous and in such a different style! Your figures in the first and last one are very successful. I especially like the shadowy one--very appropriate for the setting. Can't wait to hear more about the symposium!