Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter/Holiday tradition

As this is the only sketch I finished for the scavenger hunt I thought I'd post it.
A winter/holiday tradition in our family is mince pies. No, not those overly rich thick wedges of a 9" American pie. These are British mince pies,shallow, 2" in diameter tarts. These are mandatory at a British Christmas.
I learned to make them from my Mum. She came to the 1948 to marry a handsome Yank, my Dad. Unable to find the special pans and cutters, her sister sent them over. They became a fav of my Dad's.Even people who don't like mincemeat like them.I have carried on the tradition as my family loves them,too. The secret is flaky pastry and about a tablespoon of Robertson's mincemeat.
My Mum and Dad are no longer with us but every year I shed a few tears as I bake these thinking of them. These are the original pans and cutters sent so many years ago. They still bake up a mean tart!


  1. Linda, this is a beautiful painting! I love the little inset of the finished tarts. The story is just wonderful, too! Well done!

  2. What a great painting. I love the inset and all the detail especially on the cutters.

  3. Your composition is wonderful and as always the color just makes everything pop...! Your story brought a tear to my eye too. It is wonderful how food and the making of it together has such a resonance for us all. I think we all have those food memories and it pays such homage to our departed ones when we engage in the making of them too.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments,Deb.
    They say the sense of smell triggers more memories than anything.
    That must be why food memories are so strong with many of us.