Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saturday Dec 15: Sketch-Crawl on SE Foster!

Explore the Foster/Powell neighborhood with your sketchbook this Saturday! Meet at 10 am at the An Xuyen Bakery, on SE Foster at 54th. (Moon cakes and guava cookies and more...oh my.) 

We'll explore this interesting neighborhood from there. The Foster-Powell neighborhood association
has a nice into to the history of the area at their website, including some cool historic photos
to get you in the mood.

Let's regroup at 12:00 at Foster Burger, at 5339 SE Foster Road, to share what we've drawn so far 
and grab lunch if folks are inclined. Those who want to keep sketching can stay on into the afternoon,
 as their hearts desire--or anyone who is running late could join in at 12 and start sketching from there, too.

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  1. Note--"A bakery" is on the list for the scavenger hunt this time around...! So convenient!