Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bacchanal Ballroom at PDX Art Museum

This was a repeat of an event held at an earlier date (Kalina posted her drawings from that previous night) and not as well attended but still fun (and challenging) for sketchers.
This first drawing is the 'quiet time' before the models came on and we had some time to adjust to the scene.
The challenge came on later when the dancers struck poses on top of pedestals...their poses were great and there were several models to choose from which was part of my dilemma. My eye was moving all around the room and sometimes I merely had time to put down a line or two before the model changed pose. Later on in the evening the poses got really complicated and acrobatic with multiple people. Wow!

the same model moving through various poses

I think we all had a great time and I hope that the other sketchers post their drawings too to see how we all approached this demanding (but fun!) session.
I'll close with something I did before I met up with everyone else at the Bacchanal Ballroom.

They at least stayed still!


  1. Deb, I really like the series you did of the same model in three different poses in a row. That's a very clever strategy that I would love to steal from you. It was a darned tricky (but fun!) sketching expedition! The models sure did have a lot of the same "classic" athletic musculature that you caught in that last sketch of the statues, didn't they?

  2. Oh, I do agree. I had a little more trouble seeing it in the female models but the males bare chests made it very apparent! And it was a very fun evening!

  3. I know you had to be sketching quickly to catch someone in a backbend! Challenging and fun sounds very descriptive of your evening.

    I love how you added wall shadows to your athlete statues. It gives them more dimension and a sense of place. Wish I'd thought to do that before.