Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apple Festival

The several of us sketchers who showed up at the Portland Nursery's Apple Tasting Festival this morning kind of lucked out on the weather while we were there. A good crowd of people were busy buying, tasting, eating streudel & toffee apples and otherwise partaking of the activities offered.
I tried to set myself up and out of the way but it was hard to find that sweet spot!

Had a good time though with so many options to sketch. After a good sharing session I headed home to rain and hail!


  1. Looks like fun....I was at Elk Rock garden with my PCC class and we also lucked out with the weather....even partly sunny for the rwo plaus hours we were there and soon after we left the torrential rains hit! Didn't have time to do any sketches there. Love yours!

  2. Deb, I'm glad I got to see these first hand, too; they're lovely. I especially like the long format you used and I really like the composition of the pots and plants. It was a fun morning and I think we're all lucky not to have collected rain spots on our sketches.

  3. Great sketches, Deb! I like how you divided the pages.