Monday, September 19, 2011

At the Zoo

The session at the Oregon Zoo was very challenging for me. I have never had much practice and of course the animals almost never stood still! The Colobus Monkeys were spectacular with their striking contrast of white and black.....they seemed to be a little shy however and stayed in the far corner of the area.
The sketches of the Zebra and Gerenuk went reasonably well because they were relatively still during the whole time we were there. The Giraffe although pretty still while eating from the high wall was incredibly difficult because of it's strange head structure...or at least I thought so. I'll have to study up on this one!
Not so with the lions and elephants...the only one to stay put was the male lion and he was a pretty good distance from me.

The day ended with the Penguins. We got there right before feeding time and then they were pretty active! All told the day was fun and challenging.

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