Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb. 17 - Sketch Materials Exchange / Waffle Brunch / Sketch Crawl

Sunlan Lighting store, just down the street on Mississippi. 
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Saturday, Feb. 17, please join us for a sketch materials exchange, waffle brunch, and sketch crawl. Bring your art materials that you don't like to use and get some different stuff.

Andrea's House
4057 N. Borthwick Ave

This is in the Boise neighborhood, near Mississippi Ave.

10:00am: Andrea's House - Introductions and Waffle Brunch - also drop off sketch materials for the exchange. There will be coffee.
10:30am: Sketch crawl around Boise neighborhood - Mississippi Ave has lots of cute shops and a food cart pod too.
12:00noon: Andrea's House - Sketch materials exchange - swap your languishing art materials for something new to you.
12:15pm: Sketchbook sharing.

1. sketching materials that you want to get rid of - such as pens/pencils/sketch books/other art materials/pencil cases.
2. sketching books that you want to get rid of or loan out or show off.
3. desire to get some new materials to try.
4. OPTIONAL: waffle topping

See you there!

The image is of the Sunlan Lighting store, just down the street on Mississippi.
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