Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Waterfront Sketching + a couple Tacoma sketches

Such a nice day on the water front.  Kalina & Jason had a great spot ata park bench in the shade, so I joined them.  The geese caught my eye.  I messed around with a brush pen, and then watercolor paints, and then textures that come from mashing your paintbrush in different ways.

Now here are a few Tacoma sketches I haven't posted yet.

The sketch below is telling a story of highways going through Tacoma, inspired by a discussion with Paula & Deb.

In this sketch I got excited about all the things going on in the view from the bar's outdoor seating area.  The added bonus: it was a comfortable place to sit in the shade and eavesdrop on the military guys sitting at the left.

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  1. I just visited there recently, enjoyed your sketches.