Saturday, April 16, 2016

Native American Student Center PSU

Last week I had an hour to kill some time near PSU.  I am not fond of much of the modern architecture in Portland because it is boring, not adventurous, but this building is complicated and evokes the Native American traditions beautifully.  I knew what it was before I heard the name. 
It is both modest and strong, reflecting the tradition it houses.

Above, a quick sketch (with Diamine Ancient Copper ink in a Lamy Al-star) of
the Native American Student Center at the south end of the PSU campus, off the park. 
Watercolor wash moved the inks: three colors were used: Yavapei, Lapis, and Shungite, with a bit of leftover mixed green for the tree which was overshadowed by the Ancient Copper ink, which runs like crazy.... Below, pushing my comfort zones, using watercolor pencils, no inked lines (absolutely out of my comfort zone), and light watercolor washes on site.  Back in studio added to the washes a bit, and may have overworked it.  All a learning.  Watercolors are SO in the moment, unforgiving!

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