Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drawing with Ellie and a new brush

Ellie came over to try out a new mop brush I had bought. We fooled around with it inside a bit before venturing out to draw on the street.


  1. Nice Kay -- what kind of mop brush? I've had some real dogs and a couple I really liked.

  2. We were using Da Vinci Petit Gris Pur Russian Blue Squirrel Quill #8(20mm/.79")and #4(10mm/.39"). The #8 seems really large. Yesterday we both ordered the #6(16mm/.63") . Each brand has different sizing. I spent some time looking into it..... So many options.... Ellie

  3. Thanks Katie. I don't really know anything about these brushes. Which brands did you like and which ones were the dogs?

  4. Nice Kay,
    I love the warm colors!


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