Sunday, September 13, 2015

Transit Gala -- Orange Line Is Open and Views to the South

My efforts from Orange Line Day yesterday:

The trains preparing to leave the Park Place station on their first run to City Center. Hundreds were waiting in line to board! Happy applause when the first one pulled out. Tri Met booth, giant oak leaf sculpture, and 2 of the 3 trains waiting. Artistic license left out the third one.

Then later, on the bluff in Oregon City, a shabby view of the West Linn Paper Mill:
One weary cyclist, I headed home around 4-ish. Thanks for sharing a day, Sketchers!

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  1. I love your impressionistic watercolors of the crowd celebrating the first run of the train--captures the color and motion and excitement without getting bogged down in details! Sorry to have missed the trip south to Oregon City, but what a lovely view you captured from up on the bluff. A solid day of artistic adventure, bravo!