Sunday, February 15, 2015

Concrete Pouring & Fibonacci Spirals

The cement trucks were lined up ready to move into place when the last one emptied its load.  I didn't have to worry about losing that perfect moment to sketch something because it was the same scene over and over.

I've been thinking about Fibonacci spirals and golden proportions lately, and I imagined that the arch of the long arms pumping the concrete into place was roughly creating the famous shape, and some of the buildings proportions and relationship to one another seemed to fit too.

It was beautiful weather for sketching, and the great company of fellow sketchers added immensely to the delight of the day!


  1. This is so lovely, Janene. I love the delicate washes on the sky and buildings, against the strong lines of the pumps. The concrete trucks make a nice repetition across the base, too.

  2. Nice image Janene. Was this an official outing or just sketchers getting together?

  3. Love the way you have finished this...the darks at the bottom really balance it so well. And this is such a great view!

  4. I really like the soft colors and nice composition. I especially like the shapes of the cement trucks at the bottom.

  5. dkatiepowellart, it was just sketchers getting together but everyone was invited, so sort of unofficially official!

    Thanks, Deb and Linda!!

  6. Hello I am looking for a picture of Vancouver for a brochure (non profit group ) I was wondering if I could use you sketch for the brochure


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