Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tuba Christmas

About 7 sketchers turned out for a chilly and grey (but not at all rainy!) Tuba Christmas event. At first I could see where the tuba and euphonium players were assembling...

 ...but as the crowd packed in more densely, all I could see were the folks standing around me. Time to sketch the sketchers, then!

Andrea was all bundled up and sporting a nice knit hat.

Aaron was drawing with a Magic Pencil, fancy! It was fun to draw his puffy coat's texture.

 Young Bucky requested his portrait...

...and then drew my portrait in exchange! (Notice how he included the top of baby Magpie's head, as she snuggled in the carrier on my chest?)
I added the watercolor to this sketch of a bright pink raindeer kid at home, since none of my modest sketch kit supplies that I had packed with me could capture her incredible pinkitude. Quite a fun afternoon people-watching to the tune of 300 tubas, and folks in the crowd around us were very entertained to watch is doodling away.


  1. Very impressive--and done with a baby in a carrier, too! I wish I could have been there--for the sketching and the camaraderie, but I am enjoying seeing the results. You show so much sensitivity in your portraits.

  2. Love the portraits..... And am very impressed with your drawings of the must have been using binoculars to get that detail!
    Lovely to see you and baby Margaret.