Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some More Fall Color in Ladd's Addition

From Saturday's sketch-in in Ladd's, seeking trees to throttle into submission on paper: a maple, a conifer, a leafless something, and some shrubbery.

I liked the watercolor paper in my new little sketchbook.

My newest tactic is to have one page open for watercolor and another for pen or pencil, so the w-c can dry a little between meddlings. This time of year, the page stays damp longer. So this one is the pencil attempt at an elm in fall color:

It was more of a study of structure than anything.

It needs to be said that I'm in a Trying Different Things mode right now. I'm working to get past the idea that every page has to be perfect. What a silly idea, anyway. But how do you know what works if you haven't tried what doesn't work so much?


  1. ... After all, what's "perfect" anyway? It's the process of reaching that counts. I liked your comment about waiting for the wc to dry.