Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sketching Portlandia

Had a great time at the Portland sketchcrawl on Saturday...where a dozen of us roamed between second avenue and fifth darting raindrops and marveling at the sporadic sunshine of a very unpredictable day. I managed a few ink sketches which I splashed with some watercolor once I got home. I also took a few photos to sketch from at a later date.

 Not happy with my first Portlandia....I tried again.......

 It was hard to get the right amount of muscle to her figure...she really is an amazon woman...and is also in an unusual crouching position!
( just draw the darks.....!)

Busy sketchers staying dry at the cafe across from the Portland Building

Marco's sketch of Portlandia
Linda E.


  1. Great re-do of Portlandia. And I really like that you have added color to the other sketches..especially the first because the color seems to reflect the 'rainy' day.

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