Saturday, August 20, 2011

Post Lisbon Symposium Lunch at Gregg's

Gregg invited the Portland Urban Sketchers to his home so the Lisbon Symposium participants could share their experiences and sketchbooks with the rest of us. We were able to peruse the sketchbooks of Alanna, Linda, and Gregg and look over the books and souvenirs that they brought back. They told us what they learned and generously let us pour over their work.

Then Gregg fed us a delicious lunch and we were able to talk and, of course, sketch. It was a lovely afternoon. Thank you, all---and especially Gregg.

Here are some photos (sorry I didn't catch Linda E., Bill, or Jan) and my little sketches from lunch.

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  1. This is very nice... great to see you all sharing and having fun!