Sunday, July 25, 2010

alanna's recent sketches

I am so excited about the upcoming symposium. I may be a little apprehensive, though. Okay, I am definitely apprehensive because I have a secret. I don't think I can sketch buildings. They're hard. And they have windows. Lots of them. So, I'm nervous about sketching alongside really great architects and artists and then here i'll be. But, the good thing is that I have the desire and the courage to get out there and sketch! so my plan is to just do what I like to do. Get out there and put pen to paper and see what happens. Maybe I'll even vary it up and use pencil or other fun tools!
I did this quick sketch of a statue that the pigeons really like during a sketchcrawl downtown in the park.
quick warm up sketch of the First Presbyterian Church

I tried another pen and different focus area. It was so windy and hot the watercolors dried upon contact with the paper.

have you ever been stuck in rush hour traffic and thought, ugh! if only I could sketch? Well, since we weren't moving, I pulled out my sketchbook and pen. I admit, it did not meet my need for calm, relaxation and a true sketching experience.

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  1. Alanna, The symposium is going to make a difference in what you know now and what you know next week. Your drawings are great, I love this little VW Van.